Revolution: Still

Never in my life have I felt uglier looking back at old selfies. Borderline, that black and white and that constant identity confusing shit making me confident in the way I look for one minute and then just destroying my confidence the next.

If someone could please explain to me how a person who basically hurts their children and family in the worst ways possible, abandons them, and just makes their entire lives hell through a terrible addiction, can basically just be handed money and things every single time while the rest of us are struggling to get by. Please, I would love to know why this is fair or right. 

Play Ball: Joan Jett Talks Orioles 2014 Season


[Punk icon Joan Jett grew up in Rockville, Md., and has been an O’s fan since the very first game she attended on August 13, 1969, when Jim Palmer threw a no-hitter against the Oakland A’s (Joan: “So how can you not be an Orioles freak after seeing that for the first game?”). Jett was a guest…

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How sweet it is to see a resurgent Nick Markakis at bat and in the field. Nicky had a huge triple against Justin Verlander and made some big defensive plays to back the Birds today in their 3-1 victory, snapping a four game losing streak.

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