Revolution: Still

I’m way too sensitive to things, but in all honesty I just hate people’s stupidity and unnecessary rudeness. It’s probably not normal that I think deeply into it and want to cry but I cry about everything. It’s part of me. This is completely passive-aggressive over someone’s Facebook status but I really needed to at least vent that little bit out.
So. Stressed. So. frustrated.

Apologies to my followers. I’ve severely neglected my tumblr for a few weeks now. I promise I’m alive

I need help though! Ladies with white swimsuits, I must know how you keep your suits bright white. Mine got dirty in the ocean a couple weeks ago during vacation. I soaked it in a bleach/water solution and now the dirt spots have turned yellow in some places. How do I get these out?!! This is my nicest suit (my splurge, $80 Victorias Secret suit). I probably shouldn’t have worn it in the ocean in the first place, but I had no issues last year doing so. 


The fact that this morning I was on YouTube and stumbled upon Robin Williams episodes of Sesame Street and watched them, and then seeing the terrible news later, just saddens me and freaks me out a little. What a talented man gone too soon to something that I battle as well.

On the note of being freaked out, the whole “thinking about something and then seeing it a bunch later or the next day” thing happens to me all too frequently. I’ve always wondered if it’s just me or clairvoyance.

O Captain, my captain.

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